Introduction of fine powder sodium sulfate

Fine powder sodium sulfate:

Also known as Anhydrous Glauber’s Salt and Yuanmingfen. The purity of fine powder sodium sulfate produced by our company can reach more than 99.7% (specified ingredients can be added quantitatively according to customer needs). It is also divided into six series of products according to different particle sizes (particle size can be customized according to customer needs), fine powder sulfuric acid Sodium products also have the characteristics of good fluidity, good bulkiness, uniform particle size distribution, and professional fine powder packaging of 10-50 kg, which are not easy to absorb moisture and agglomerate, and have a long shelf life.


Used to make sodium sulfide, pulp, glass, water glass, and enamel and as a laxative and antidote for barium salt poisoning. It is a by-product of making hydrochloric acid from table salt and sulfuric acid. They are chemically used in the manufacture of sodium sulfide, sodium silicate, etc. It is used in the laboratory to wash away barium salts. Used in papermaking, glass, printing and dyeing, synthetic fiber, tanning, etc. Sodium sulfate is the most commonly used post-treatment desiccant in organic synthesis laboratories.

Product main indicators:




Sodium sulfate (Na2SO4 ) ( %)

≥9 9.7

Water insoluble matter ( %)

≤0.03 _

Calcium and Magnesium (as Mg) ( %)

≤0.001 _

Chloride (as Cl ) ( %)

≤0.02 _

Iron (Fe ) ( %)

≤0.002 _

Moisture ( %)

≤0.02 _

Whiteness (R 457 ) ( %)

≥9 0

PH (50g/L aqueous solution, 2 5 ℃ )

6.5-8.5 _

Particle size:






Particle Size Dv90(µm)







20µm Particle Size Report

150µm Particle Size Report

300µm Particle Size Report


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