Dyes And Coatings

Application Of Sodium Chloride

The role of sodium chloride in printing and dyeing

Sodium chloride is mainly used in the dyeing process in printing and dyeing factories to promote or slow dyeing. For example, when dyeing cotton with direct dye, adding sodium chloride can promote the combination of dye and fiber and increase the dye uptake rate. When dyeing wool or silk with acid dyes, sodium chloride can be used as a dye retardant to slow down the adsorption speed between the dye and the fiber, improve the level of dyeing, and prevent the dyeing of flowers.

Application principle

Sodium chloride is used as a dye accelerating agent in printing and dyeing. When sodium chloride is used as a dye accelerating agent, it can expel the originally dissolved dye when it is dissolved in water, so it can promote the bonding between the dye and the fiber.

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