Industrial Salt: A Growing Business

It is no secret that growing companies require new and cheaper sources of natural resources like industrial salt. So, what makes industrial salt different from other kinds of salt, and where are the most economic sources of industrial salt?

Like most products and resources, industrial salt is offered by thousands of manufacturers and distributors worldwide. The difference between industrial salt and garden variety salt is not the make-up of the chemical itself, but the level of purity (grade) and the amounts offered by distributors.

Luckily, Mother Nature has provided huge deposits of salt in North America, South America, Africa, and Asia. India has stepped up the production of industrial salt in recent years to meet the demands of global manufacturers of a variety of products.

Concerning the prices for industrial salt, the obvious explanation is that salt is required for the production of far more goods than consumers initially suspect. The shipping and creation of virtually every chemical product on the market today requires the properties of industrial salt at some level in the manufacturing process. Therefore, it is the use of salt which causes it to be “industrial salt” or not, combined with the increased volume and levels of purity offered by a distributor or manufacturer.

Rock salt, or industrial salt, is also used in the manufacturing of water-softening tablets which are necessary on a large scale for areas with hard water. Hard water is not only tough on skin, but interferes with the functioning of the aforementioned chemical manufacturing processes. Many industries, like soap and detergent companies, require water used in the manufacturing process to hold a level of hardness compatible with the chemicals used.

These companies require salt not only as an ingredient, but as a water softening agent for everyday operations.

The Quality Of Industrial Salt

Of course, water-softening tablet manufacturers require large amounts of industrial salt as a primary ingredient. This salt must be the purest quality, since it is often intended for consumption.

This is the highest grade of salt available, and is usually the most expensive. For those who purchase water-softening tablets, the source of the industrial salt used in the process is an important safety factor. Consumers and makers alike should carefully consider the source of the salt, as low quality industrial salt is often a liability, and should be reserved for deicing purposes (the leading use of salt worldwide).


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