Metal Fire Extinguishing

Application of sodium chloride

Preparation of ultrafine dry powder fire extinguishing agent for metal fire by sodium chloride

Sodium chloride is used as the matrix to prepare superfine dry powder fire extinguishing agent for metal fire. The anti-solvent method was used to modify it, so that the nano-hydrophobic silica was adsorbed on the surface of sodium chloride crystal, and the dispersant was PEG-1000. The results show that the addition of nano-hydrophobic silica is beneficial to the refinement of sodium chloride particles, but excessive addition will have an adverse effect. The optimal dosage is about 3 wt%, and the average particle size is 2.18 μm.

Common applications

Most of the dry powder fire extinguishing agents used to extinguish Class D (light metal fires, sodium, magnesium, aluminum, etc.) fires are based on NaCl powder.

Powder salt is a product made by processing coarse particles of high-purity sodium chloride into fine sodium chloride powder by mechanical grinding or anti-solvent methods. It is widely used in medicine, daily chemicals, food and catering, metal fire extinguishing, printing and dyeing, and water treatment. , Chemical filling and other fields.

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