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Over the last ten years, we’ve become the leading industry experts in EV charging communications standards and protocols.
We know what it takes to build a robust and easy-to-use charging ecosystem that seamlessly works together.

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OEM/ODM Services Available

Support custom colors, logos, cablelengths, and function additions andsubtractions.And we can also produceaccording to your sample or technicaldrawing, 3 days to complete thesample production

Lighting Fast Delivery

Our delivery times are guaranteedto be as transparent as possible,depending on the number of ordersand the season in which you placethem. Usually for small quantities,we can ship within 3 days.For largequantities, we can ship in about7-15 days.

Professional Pre-sales

Our sales are quick to accept pre-salesinquiries within half an hour and are oncall 24/7 to give quick and professionaladvice on product selection based oncustomer needs.

Perfect After-sales Service System

Our product warranty is 12 months, if it is aproblem with our products, we will providecustomers with technical guidance to repairthe product and free replacement

Our Products


  • 产品和CE认证。
  • 各种漏电保护和保护枪头的定制。
  • 工厂生产。
  • 支持UV的价格优势

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Large building materials and home furnishing stores
Electric car sellers
Home electrical systemintegration supplier
Home distributed PV system supplier

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For Distributors

Our in-house modern production plant allows us to offer great quality options toappeal to your target customers.As a distributor you can trust that our streamlinedmanufacturing processes are here to provide you with the best products in the market.

For Wholesalers

Being one of the most equipped EV Charger manufacturing companies, we offer thebest quality products at a significantly low cost. This allows us to work with you toensure that you get to also extend great prices to your customers.

Why Choose Us

At ev-wallbox, our mission is to be globally competitive in ahighly volatile market. Our goal is to be the global supplierof choice for electric chargers. Through innovation, we canprovide better products to our customers. We are adoptingmodern technology to help our technicians and employeesto further improve our customer service.

We Leave No Room For Doubt.

Experienced in the industry We have a 10 years'professional service team focused on the EV charger

High daily output value We have 5 production lines running at the same time,with a daily production capacity of 1000 pieces to meet your product quantity needs to the maximum extent.

With a full range of safety certifications Our factory has undergone multiple certifications,including ISO,TUV,CE,UKCA,FCC,RoHS,REACH certificatian.

Outstanding production profit,and the raw materials of the products are made of PC and PA66 with the best performance,and they are small in size and light in weight,thus saving freight cost.

Our Factory Operation

  • 电缆切割和剥线
  • 焊接电阻微动开关
  • 电缆系统测试
  • 电压电流测试
  • 100%全检-确保产品质量
  • 产品展示